Ano nga ba ang Socks IP Tunnel Configs?

  • Ang Socks IP Tunnel Configs ay isang configuration file na iniimport o nilalagay sa Socks IP Tunnel Application.
  • Itong Socks IP Tunnel Configs ay may maayos at stable na connectivity.

Para sa anong Network ito pwede?

  • Itong Configuration Files na iyo ay pwede lamang sa Globe and Tm User or Subscribers.

Kailangan pa ba ito ng Load?

  • Hindi na po ito kailangan ng Load.

Configuration Information:

  • France, Europe, and US Server
  • 3 Days Only
  • Stable Connectivity
  • Fast Connectivity

Saan pwede ito Magamit?

  • Online Browsing/Surfing
  • Youtube
  • Watching a Netflix
  • Downloading and Uploading Files
  • and many more.

How to use?

  1. Download and Install the Socks IP Tunnel Application and Configs provided below.
  2. Open Socks IP Tunnel Application.
  3. Click 3 Dots upper right side,
  4. Then click import file
  5. Find or go to download folder
  6. Click the downloaded Socks IP Configs
  7. Then you can click the Start Button now.
  8. Enjoy browsing!

Download Socks IP Configs Below

USA Server

Payload Version 1:

Payload Verison 2:

Brazil Server

Payload Version 1:

Payload Version 2:


Payload Version 1:

Payload Version 2:

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