Socks IP Tunnel

Ano nga ba ang Socks IP Tunnel?

  • Ang Socks IP Tunnel ay isang Tunneling Virtual Private Network Tools, na nakakatulong upang maging mabilis at maging secure ang iyong pag browse or surfing mo sa online.

Paano nga ba ito Pinapagana?

  • Pwede ka gumawa ng account sa socks ip server na makikita sa kanilang setting ng application.
  • Pwede mo din gamitin ang kanilang Payload Generator na makikita din sa setting ng kanilang application.

Sa anong Network ba ito nagawa?

  • Nagana ito sa mga Smart, Talk N’ Text, Sun, Globe at Tm.
  • Pero mas ginagamit ito ng mga Globe and Tm Subscriber kasi Hindi na kailangan pa ng load upang gumamit nito.


  • Simple material layout
  • Have own server
  • Payload Generator Editor
  • and many features inside the application

Download Socks IP Tunnel App Below

Ano Ba Ang Ip Tunnel?

IP tunnels are often used for connecting two disjoint IP networks that don’t have a native routing path to each other, via an underlying routable protocol across an intermediate transport network. In conjunction with the IPsec protocol they may be used to create a virtual private network between two or more private networks across a public network such as the Internet. Another prominent use is to connect islands of IPv6 installations across the IPv4 Internet.

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