Ano nga ba ang ShellTun No Load configuration?

  • Ang Shelltun No load Configuration ay isang file configuration na inilalagay or in ini– import sa ShellTun Application, nilalagay ito upang maging connected ka sa virtual private network na ito.

Server Information:

  • Premium server ( Powered by: Digital Ocean )
  • 30Days or 1Month Configuration
  • No Load/No Promo needed
  • Fast connectivity
  • Gaming server
  • Stable Connectivity
  • No buffering on youtube
  • Netflix Access

How can it works?

  1. Download mo muna ShellTun Application gamit ang download button sa ibaba.
  2. Download mo din yung Shelltun Configuration file gamit ang download button sa ibaba.
  3. Install and open mo ShellTun Application
  4. Click “Stealth Setting”
  5. Click on yung Use Imported Files
  6. On Stealth Tunnel on/off
  7. Find and locate mo yung files na nadownload mo
  8. Then Import
  9. You can now start , tap the connect button.
  10. Enjoy Browsing!

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Download No Load ShellTun Configuration Now

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